Human centered clothing
for your urban daily needs

DARYN CHOOK is a label with an engineering approach to creating the clothing. It produces elegant functional attire, which meets the requirements of the active city dwellers: to hide their lower back while riding a bike, to have enough space for movement of the shoulders and arms, to enjoy the favourite garment for a long time.
Through precise observation and analysis, we find the reduced creative solutions in the form of functional fashion. A central tool is interviews based on questionnaires with interested city dwellers. These conversations are the sources of inspiration for our ideas. The clothing we develop adapts organically to the pace of the city and its inhabitants.
The goal of our business is to celebrate the movement, freedom, and individuality of a human being.

Being honest, transparent and respectful is in our heart. Starting from the very idea of the label, where we are changing the perception from the designer‘s self-expression to the ultimate meeting of the customer‘s needs, we set the challenges for ourselves to leave as least trace in the nature with our work and to give as much back as possible.
Our motto stands for reduction in design, ecological fabrics, and production to the principles of the circular economy. In this sense, we see DARYN CHOOK as a discussion platform for contemporary fashion in conjunction with conscious consumption.
The fabric is manufactured in an award-winning efficient closed-loop process. The use of resources and energy is reduced to a minimum. The fibers are derived from the renewable raw material wood – from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations.
TENCEL ™ fabric from Lenzing – moisture-wicking, robust and naturally antibacterial – and moreover wrinkle-free, making the garments ideal for travel.
Our buttons are made of recycled hemp and are 100% naturally biodegradable. They don’t require the raw plant material and don’t shed micro-plastics into our water supply. The production of hemp does not need any of these synthetic, harmful chemical agents, which is a huge plus for our environment.
Printed materials & package
Our postcards and invoices are printed on the grass paper. It’s made of a local grass in Germany, sparing more than a half on CO2, water and energy in comparison to the regular paper production. And it’s 100% biologically degradable.
The fabric bag in which you receive your order is our small gift for you. It’s a washing bag to protect your newly ordered garment. Just place your shirt in it again when it’s ready for washing, pull the bamboo straps together, and put the bag in your washing machine. Washing in cold water up to 30° is saving energy and helps your clothes live a little longer.
Being based in Europe, we manufacture in Europe, where we know the names of each person who is engaged in the production of our garments.
All the parts of the process are official and fairly paid, the customer can always require the information on who created his garment.
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